Marine PhytoplanktonWhat is Marine Phytoplankton – Alpha 3 CMP

1) OPEN Cell vs. CLOSED Cell Marine Phytoplankton… what’s the difference?

Alpha 3 CMP™ is OPEN cell Phytoplankton. Other brands of Phytoplankton are CLOSED (whole) Cell.

The Human body does not have the digestive enzymes to break down silica which forms the “shell” of many microscopic plankton, therefore, if the cell wall is still WHOLE (closed), very little, if any nutrients will be absorbed. Alpha 3 CMP™ cells in FrequenSea are opened without using any heat, freezing, or chemicals which could affect effi-cacy. Often times other companies with closed cell plankton blend their species with other forms of seaweed and greens to yield nutritional potential for humans.

2) WILD Marine Phytoplankton or Marine Phytoplankton grown in Bio-reactors?

Unique Sea Farms is the only company worldwide with the patent pending technology to grow and harvest WILD natural blends of phytoplankton in eco-friendly sustainable quantities. As with any type of produce, the closer it can be grown with mother nature, the better. That is how food is intended to grow! Alpha 3 CMP™ is a blend of up to 200 species of WILD Marine Phytoplankton from Natural sea water blooming in an abundance of sunshine. Other single species of phytoplankton are grown using standard labora-tory methods, in a denatured environment called a bio-reactor with synthetic sea water.

3) What scientific human studies are there for Marine Phytoplankton, medically proving increased cellular health?Ask all companies for THEIR actual studies pertaining to the phytoplankton in their products. Any reputable source of Marine Phytoplankton should be able to show human benefit for THEIR species of phytoplankton. Through full double-blind placebo studies, the University of Utah discovered that Alpha 3 CMP™ is scientifically proven to increase the CD3 cells (T– Lymphocytes) in the body (ForeverGreen has copies of this study). The exciting component of this study is that the University of Utah doesn’t actually endorse Alpha 3 CMP™ meaning they are simply looking to scientifically confirm facts.

Marine Phytoplankton

4) Is more “more”? How much Alpha 3 CMP Marine Phytoplankton did Tom Harper consume daily?

Mr. Harper consumed 75 mg of pure Marine Phytoplankton daily. It is now scientifically proven that a daily serving of 75mg of Alpha 3 CMP offers enough potency to increase the CD3 cells. In fact, each serving (75mg of Marine Phytoplankton from 1oz of FrequenSea) provides the essence of over 300 000 000 cells per serving! Other brands may provide more bulk plankton per serving, but again, if they have closed or whole cell silica plankton, more will not make a difference from a human perspective. Often times consumers assume “more is more”, and this is what manufacturers count on at points of purchase.

UMAC Core#1I Love nutrition from the Sea…Like Jacques Cousteau said, “The future of Nutrition is found in the ocean”. I LOVE Marine Phytoplankton, it is an Awesome Superfood! You can get some Marine Phytoplankton made by Tom Harper here!

5) What environmental impact does growing different species of Plankton have on our planet?

The first step of the technology to “Bloom” the Marine Phytoplankton in the each one million L tanks requires that we fill them up with natural seawater which contains naturally occurring wild species of Marine Phytoplanktonphytoplankton that are thoroughly tested each and every batch to ensure they are completely safe for human consumption. As phytoplankton make up the basis of the food chain in the ocean, it is imperative NOT to disrupt or take away this natural foundation. In essence, we “borrow” the Plankton for only 5 to 12 days until the tanks are in full “bloom” and ready to be harvested. Approximately 5% of the wild nutrient rich Marine Phytoplankton bloom remain in the tanks after harvesting, therefore, when we empty the tanks the remaining three to five percent of Marine Phytoplankton nutrients returns back out to the ocean, maintaining the strength of the ocean’s food chain.

The Sea Farm is a CARBON NEUTRAL research facility. Unbelievably, it only requires about 10Hp of electricity to operate! We use natural sunlight as opposed to synthetic high energy consuming bulbs. You have probably heard about the carbon fixation of trees and the increasing interest in planting trees to offset our carbon emissions. The fact is that a mature tree probably fixes 4-5 t of CO2 over its lifespan of 40-100 years. In terms of removal rate, forests fix at least 1.2 t of CO2 per acre per year (or 4.4 t C02/acre/year). In contrast, our facility running 8 tanks will fix approximately 1 ton of CO2 every day! Alpha 3 CMP™ are more efficient agents for CO2 removal than trees. Our only bi-product is OXYGEN!

6) Safety and Quality assurance…guaranteed!

Alpha 3 CMP™ is tested after each harvest for: yeast, mould, bacteria, e-coli, staphylococcus, salmonella, heavy metals, and arsenic at a licensed third party laboratory that has been granted their Site License Number issued through Health Canada. Each and every batch continues to meet the strict guidelines set forth by Health Canada since its launch in 2005.

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I Love nutrition from the Sea…Like Jacques Cousteau said “The future of Nutrition is found in the ocean”.

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UMAC Core#1I Love nutrition from the Sea…Like Jacques Cousteau said “The future of Nutrition is found in the ocean”. I LOVE Marine Phytoplankton, it is an Awesome Superfood! You can get some Marine Phytoplankton made by Tom Harper here!